WavePlayer v2.3.1 – WordPress Audio Player with Waveform and Playlist

Free Download WavePlayer – WordPress Audio Player with Waveform and Playlist Nulled. The latest version has updated on November 27, 2018. This item has been created by the author LuigiPulcini on CodeCanyon.

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What is WavePlayer?

WavePlayer is a fully customizable, responsive HTML5 audio plugin for WordPress. Its interface is built around the waveform of the audio file that is playing back.

With WavePlayer you are free to host your own tracks, breaking the limitations imposed by most of the free music cloud services available on the market, but without renouncing to a cool, modern player that you can customize to best match the look of your website.

Here is a list of the main features:

  • ideal for your Music and Podcast websites
  • responsive interface, with a modern looking style
  • HTML5 support
  • full integration with the Media Manager and visual creation of playlists
  • full integration with WooCommerce, including batch creation of products from tracks and albums
  • peak files for an instantaneous access to the audio waveforms

What is new in WavePlayer 2.3.0

Working with the peak files has never been that easy. You now have the possibility to generate them with a batch process in the Maintenance page of the Settings.

Font Awesome 5 brings their famous icons to a new level of design quality.

The new Loading Mode option allows you to select what is the best loading strategy for your website: in addition to the default mode, where instances of the player get loaded all at once, you now have the possibility to load the instances one by one.

The placeholders used in the info bar and the playlists have been restructured in a way that will expand the possibilities of customization. We also added two new factory placeholders, product_id and product_url that you can use in the player to point to your product pages. Moreover, you can now inject your custom track information (using a WordPress filter) and use them in the interface the way you like.


* BUGFIX: The download button increments the counter on click without downloading any file
* NEW: It is now possible to use WavePlayer in external sites using an embed HTML element (requires an embed-attachment.php template added to your Theme)


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Note: Free Download WavePlayer – WordPress Audio Player with Waveform and Playlist Nulled from the download links below. But remember you should never use it for commercial purpose, You just can use it for testing. We share these files under the terms of GPL (GNU General Public License) that provides premium Themes for testing purpose only. We promote WordPress and PHP scripts to the users globally that you can check it before buying from author.

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